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Ask the Professor

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It's Sunday and time for another edition of Edlund 101

Can you attempt my class.....

Hi Professor. I was wondering when I should I call a woman back after the first date? - Tim, Houston Texas
I can honestly tell you that I despise this game. This “wait three days to call her,” rule is bullshit. Listen, if she gains your interest call her the next day. It's not going to make you look desperate. Shit or get off the pot is what I like to say. We want to know you're interested, and frankly making us wait around for you drives us nuts. And hey, depending on the type of woman---this could be a deal breaker.

Dear Edlund 101: I have a serious problem. My boyfriend is verbally abusive and the things he says make me feel small, insecure and unworthy... what should I do? – Amanda Long, Colorado
Edlund 101 followers do not date men who are abusive in any which way or form. At any given sign of this behavior we are out. I suggest you DTB immediately. He is not going to get any better and odds are, he is just going to get worse. Get out before you end up in some serious trouble. I don’t get care how much you love him… bitch, run for your life.

I’m curious. When should a couple announce they are dating? – Jamie K- San Diego, CA
What’s the big deal about letting people know you are dating someone? Unless the person you decide to date is going to reek havoc in your personal life, then it shouldn't be some big secret. I guess could say that announcing that this person is your boyfriend/girlfriend is a more serious question. And second, you are not officially a couple when you are “dating”….unless you are dating exclusively. So it doesn’t matter, unless you just don’t want people to know.

A guy I've been seeing has tons of porno saved on his computer. Is this unusual? –Anonymous
Men will be men. You can’t stop them from looking at naked pictures of women…especially with the Internet at their fingertips. It's in their DNA, although like everything else in life, it should be done in moderation. And you might want to take in consideration what type of porn he is looking at. Is it Playboy or hardcore. If it's hardcore then I would be somewhat concerned about the guys mental state. Also, if you notice that he has become obsessed with his pornography and it’s taken over his life and your relationship---you have a serious problem on your hands. However, if it’s every once in a while, it’s no big deal in my opinion.

Edlund101: What age do you think is ideal for a girl to get married and why do you believe so? Brian Foster, Wyoming
I've always believed that no one should get married before the age of 25. I know a great number of people whom have gotten married at 18, 20, 21, 22...and most of these people have only been in one serious relationship their whole life. Actually, what does someone at the age of 18 know about a serious relationship? They are still kids themselves. Then you have to factor in that possibly when someone as young as 18 or 21 gets older and wises up that they will begin to see the light. He/she finally realizes that they've only been with one person their entire young life. And suddenly they end up with feelings of regret----regretting that they never had the chance to experience life and dating. He/she also might begin to wonder what it would be like to be with someone else That's when the trouble starts. And I know someone in that exact situation. I'm not saying everyone is going to end up this way, but statistics show that in this day in age when someone marries under the age of 25, it usually ends up in divorce. Just say'in.

Class is now dismissed.

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  1. As far as calling the woman back, it's purely situational. The whole thing is to give the impression that you don't look desperate. This can be done in a number of ways such as indirectly implying that you have options or. Are in demand. Life is a lo like poker and one cannot be afraid of breaking a deal.

    I would suggest the minimum age for marriage would be somewhere between 30 and 35. The reason is that is the age when you have your stuff together and more financially capable for marriage

  2. @Great Cornhoolio- You are right about the marriage thing. Age 25 is minimum....and no one should get married if they are not financially capable, no matter what age. But that's just me...

  3. I think the porno deal should be better qualified. You're right in that men will be men. You're also right on the amount he is viewing. However, the type (whether it's softcore, hardcore, bondage, etc.) really is the least concern... unless it's child porn, then he should be turned in no matter what. That aside, guys are going to have their fantasies, much as women will. The difference is that most guys are just more visually stimulated, and will seek such when he feels the need to. If it begins to detrimentally affect the relationship in any way, then there's cause for concern.