Monday, August 30, 2010

Reasons To Avoid Overly Flirtatious Men

It's Monday and time for another edition of Edlund 101.

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Every woman will meet one once in her lifetime----that one charmer who will sweep her off her feet and make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world. Ah, then she discovers not long after that he is flirty and sweet with every woman he meets. And the best part is that he acts like it’s no big deal. Don’t feel so special anymore do you? You try to tell yourself that he is just a nice guy and that’s just his personality. Girl, if you keep telling yourself this--- dating Mr. Flirty could have some serious consequences.

My friend Michelle knew exactly what she was getting into with the last guy she dated. He was adored by numerous amounts of women and he was often talked about as, “so sweet and charming.” Everywhere he went, women draped themselves all over him. So when she started dating him…. shit hit the fan---when these women found out, that is. They would go parties and some of the women whom adored him happened to be there. These women would dog her, whisper behind her back, call him and make up stories about something he did at a party when he wasn’t there. Oh yes, we all know how vicious females can be when we step into their territory. Now, before they started dating regularly this man didn’t give a shit about what these other women thought. And he would make Michelle the center of attention whenever they were in groups with other people. But once they started seeing each other on a regular basis, he kind of wanted to keep it on the down low. That’s when things started to change. Reason being, he thought he “had” her. Now she would show up at parties and he would act like they were just friends. And she watched him flirt like it was no big deal. She even caught him sneaking away at parties with other women. God only knows what was going on then. But of course, she gave him the benefit of the doubt. The thing is, when they were alone together he would revert back into that sweet guy. He was always into her and never flirted with anyone when we were alone together. Unfortunately, in the end she found out he had an ego the size of Texas----sorry he couldn’t have his cake and eat it too. DTB!

And here’s another classic case. I went out with a guy who seemed to be all right by my standards. After a couple dates everything seemed to be going fine. Then I guess he got comfortable with me or something and I was about to see his true colors. One night we went to a restaurant called, The Yard House, for a quick bite and a drink. We happened to get a cute female server. She wasn’t a super model or anything, but she was definitely attractive, I can’t deny that. But apparently this guy thought she was the hottest thing in Orange County. So he decides to blatantly flirt with her and none the less, right in front of me. When she walked away after bringing out our appetizer, I observed him looking around for her like it was nothing and I was thinking, “Are you kidding me right now?” So I asked him, “So do you think she’s cute?” At that point I didn’t care what his answer was because I already made up my mind that I was never going to see this guy again. But he said to me, “No, I’m not a douche like that.” Yeah right. “Maybe you should get her number.” And he just thought that comment was hilarious. So did that stop him from continuing to scope out that server every time she came by? Nope. At the end of the night I said to him again, “Really, I think you like her. You should get her number.” And once again, he just laughed.” I knew what he was thinking. What a douche.

What it really comes down to is that the overly flirtatious men are really nothing but trouble. You can’t trust them as far as you can throw them. There is nothing wrong with your man being kind and sweet to his/your female friends, but if he’s taking it to the extreme, you need to watch for the red flags. One thing is for sure---usually these types of men turn out to be womanizers. Yeah, it may seem cute at first that your man gets along with everyone so well, but eventually it gets really old. It gets the point where you can’t recognize if he is just being friendly, or just being friendly, if you know what I mean. Avoid these types of men at all costs. It’s not worth looking over your shoulder every five minutes wondering what he’s up to next.

Class dismissed.

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  1. I like your class. I've just read the first post but for now I think your blog looks great.
    I'll follow your blog from now on :)

    Sorry for my English, I'm learning it.

  2. Hey, your English looks great to me :)

  3. Same argument can be made for "overly flirtatious" women. Or, for that matter, hot women, on account of the fact that they are going to get hit on all the time .

  4. Dunga-This is true. It works both ways!

  5. It's all about respect. When someone (in this case if you're a guy a female who has consented to go out with you) is making time to be with you you better be sure that they are the most important person in your sphere during that time.

  6. i totally agree bout staying away from overly flirtatious men. sure they like you, but do they like ONLY you? i'm always wary of that.