Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to Edlund 101...I am your professor.

Class is now in session.

Welcome to first blog entry of Edlund 101. First I want to start off by telling you why I created this blog. Call me crazy, but for years I was a fan of Tom Leykis on 97.1 FM. Sadly, the whole radio station was axed in February 2009---the highlight of my afternoon-- my form of entertainment….. stolen right from under me. Each day, I drove an hour home and this was my outlet to get me to stop thinking about the nasty freeway traffic. But let’s be clear on something. In no way do I follow the “Tom Leykis rules” of dating. As I said, he was purely entertainment and I got a kick out of every dumb ass caller he brought on the air. Sometimes you need a good laugh when you are sitting in traffic that’s comparable to a parking lot. Although, I have to admit that some of the things he said about women and men are DEAD ON. You see, Tom teaches men how to get tail for less money or no money at all, so in other words…he teaches men how to treat women like crap. I don’t believe in that, but everyone is entitled to free speech. I really don’t take anything he says to heart like most women do, especially the ones who get all bent out of shape. But some good has come to me by listening to Tom give unwarranted and shady advice to men. I’ve managed to keep myself out of trouble with guys that could potentially cause disaster in my life. Believe it or not, I’ve actually dated a few guys that have tried to pull a Leykis 101 on me. Now I’ve decided to follow his foot-steps and create my own 101 blog, but from a woman’s perspective. In this blog I will reveal the “signs” that will clue you in on if a man is merely interested in getting in your pants or wants an actual relationship. You will learn the shady behaviors you should look for on a first date. The checklist you should have and if he passes your test with flying colors what you should expect on the second date. How not to be clingy and needy (this is major reason why women see their relationships end so fast.) Proper etiquette every man should have when he is dating you and how long you should wait until you give it up. I do not condone the behavior of women giving it up on the first date. You break this rule…you pretty much f*ck up any potential future with your so-called “boyfriend.” A man needs to earn it. Plain and simple.

Give me ten minutes in a room with someone I’ve never met and I can read them like a book, especially men. I’m no expert but when it comes to the male mind, I’m pretty close to knowing it inside and out. I’m familiar with all the games that they play and I am here to tell you how to avoid all the bullshit and find someone who is worthy. If you are looking for a good time and no serious relationship, that’s fine—to each their own. But if you are looking for something long term then following some simple rules might help you out. I may be single, but I do date and I’ve managed to keep myself from being emotionally invested. I look for the “red flags” before I decide to let a man come into my life.

About your professor: I may only be twenty-eight years old, but I have been through hell and back with men. I had my first so-called “boyfriend” when I was eleven-years-old. So yes, I started out young. He is one of the best people I ever met and I’m still in touch with him today. My next boyfriend was at 14…then at 16….and my first “real” boyfriend was at 20. Then after that disastrous relationship, I took a break. When we broke up, I knew exactly what I wanted in a relationship the next time around. Well, it’s been five years since then and I still haven’t found it. I may be choosy but my expectations are not as high as you might think, really they aren’t. It’s not always about money or physical appearance. It’s about what’s going on in someone’s brain. I steer clear from men that have f*cked up family lives that have left them mentally unstable and or any type of major baggage that will make me regret getting involved with them down the road. I once had a date tell me that his mom annoyed him and that there were times that he’d wished he could hit her. Needless to say, after that date I was out the doo.

Living in Southern California you would think that there would be a ton of options. Sure there are, but most of the men in the Orange County population have more baggage than an airport and are seriously f*cked up in the head. Either the rich guys are socially inept or the nice guys turn out to be sissy la las. And I am not into “bad boys.” Can’t there ever be a happy medium? First of all, I’m not the type of woman to have a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend. I have enough bullshit going on in my life…I don’t need to add another drama factor with a guy who isn’t right for me just so I can feel loved and secure. You women got it all wrong thinking that you have to have a man to be happy. Oh hell no, it does not work that way. That’s the first thing you need to get out of your pretty little heads. Let me just say this…women need to know that this day in age you CANNOT depend on a man for anything; financially, emotionally…etc. I don’t care if you marry the richest guy on the planet. Nothing is set stone and he could leave you without a moments notice. And guess what? You are f*cked. So women the next time you choose a man I advise you to choose wisely. This blog is the first step to acting like a lady but thinking like man. Once you get inside the male brain, life will never be the same. And sorry guys...I'm about to give away all your secrets.

Class Dismissed.

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  1. Awesome blog Jen! I finally got to read your first entry :)

  2. I like your blog, and I feel identified with what you are saying. I started my only read relationship when I was 18, which ended when I was 21. I learned a lot about it, and haven't found anything worth the drama since then (hmm... also 5 years).
    I'm looking forward to reading and learning on your blog!

  3. I LOVE Tom Leykis! When we lived in California, I listened to him every day, we even saw him live once. Is he still on in LA?

  4. @Joe-No the whole radio station got axed in February 2009. I cried...literally. He's still on contract so he won't be back on the air until 2012.

  5. Hello. I want to make sure that you're aware that you used my photo (which I own) without my permission and without giving me credit for it. If you would like for the photo to remain on your blog please cite where and who you took it from.
    Many Thanks,

    1. I will need to know which photo you are referring too...