Friday, January 7, 2011


Class is now in session....

A few days ago, I wrote a blog entry about why dating websites are a waste of time. And many of you had quite a few opinions on this subject. Well, after I wrote that entry I got to thinking and I came up with an idea. What better way to prove my point about how bad these dating websites are then to sign up on one of them myself. So what’s so big about that idea you ask? Well, I thought it would be interesting to conduct a little experiment. The only reason I would sign up on a dating website, as myself of course, would be to do it for purely experimental purposes. This means I would find a guy that was semi-decent, make contact, go on a date with him and then write about the experience. Of course I have one rule: to only go on a date with each guy once. Meaning---when the date ends, good or bad, it’s over and we never see each other again. Of course none of these guys would know they are my experimental game and I could care less about not telling them. Anyway, last Thursday I signed up on and I immediately had to delete my profile from That website just wasn’t cutting it; it was like diving into a sea of losers, literally. As for, there was not one single decent looking guy who emailed me at the beginning. Then finally maybe after the first three days, I got a few bites from guys that maybe had some potential. I took the chance and sent them my number, asking them to text me. I wasn’t going to procrastinate with idle chit-chat, shooting the shit emails back and forth, I just wanted to get the job done. Anyway, about three of them did text me, but nothing ever panned out. After like an hour of mindless texting, they all sort of disappeared. It was back to the drawing board. Once again, all the fugly losers started emailing me. And then I got all excited when this really attractive guy emailed me, finally! I open the email and read, “I’m looking for some casual sex and someone to spoil…. is that you?”  I can’t tell you that I was actually that appalled. Nothing surprises me anymore. Well, on Monday another good looking guy emails me. I was expecting the same result as before, but this guy turned out genuine. But unfortunately, the gig with was up. I was going to delete my profile. I still can’t believe with all the hundreds of men out there, I could only find one decent looking guy. What a joke. Anyway, I emailed Tom back and sent him my number. Tom texted me on Monday night and I got back to him on Tuesday morning. We pretty much texted back and forth all day. He seemed like a pretty down to earth type of guy, I didn’t really see any red flags. Tom kept his texting “appropriate,” which was a good sign. On Wednesday we texted all day and things still seemed like they were flowing. I just have to say that not once during this time period did we ever talk on the phone. This was purely communication by text message. On this same day, he asked me if I wanted to get together on Thursday. We decided to meet at a sushi restaurant. Let me just start off by saying that when I found out this guy was Gemini, I knew nothing was going to come out of it. My sign and his sign are not compatible on any level and I’ve had some really horrible experiences with Gemini men in the past. But what the hell, huh? I was going into this thing with no expectations and looking at it as a research project, like I said I was going to do from the very beginning. Here’s the quick down low on this guy:  thirty-three, just moved here from New Jersey, college educated, parents are still together, has a good job, and lives by himself. Seems like a good catch right? Again, I still wondered why someone who was attractive as he was would be on a dating site. I asked him this same question and he said it was just because he doesn’t really know anyone in the area yet. Okay, sure. I appreciate that answer. So yes, I did meet up with this guy last night. He was attractive; I’ll give him that, surely nothing wrong in the looks department. Ah, but then within the first ten minutes of meeting his guy, he throws out the f-bomb. Edlund101 followers know---this a deal breaker. The funny thing is that when this guy was texting me within those two days, he kept telling me what a gentleman he was and how he’s not like other guys. Oh really? Do gentlemen throw the f-bomb at women on the first date? But that wasn’t the only time he did it, this guy threw the f-bomb at me at least four times. Also, when I brought up that my dad had recently passed away there was no sensitivity what so ever. He didn’t really seem to care and never even bothered to ask how my dad passed away. He wanted to continue talking about more important things…like himself. Yeah, so I put off the f-bomb incident for the time being. What else could I do? He paid for dinner and so forth. No problem there. But it was in the middle of eating sushi that Tom asked me, “So you are a missionary type of girl?” I thought he was asking if I was religious or if I was a church goer. I asked, “What do you mean?” and he responded, “What positions do you like to use in bed?” WTF!!!!!! Are you serious!!!! I’ve known this guy, what? All of one hour and he’s asking me what sex positions I like? Edlund 101 immediate deal breaker rule: talking about sex on the first date. I looked at him rather shocked and said, “I’m not going tell you that.” Oh yeah. He got put off by my answer. That was the moment he lost interest and the date pretty went down the shitter. Hey, it’s okay. I was totally expecting this. I was just waiting for him to do something to break the rules, and he did it TWICE. Yeah a real gentlemen--- asking me about sex on the first date. Real classy. This just proves my theory about dating sites. The good looking guys on these things are only looking for sex. Needless to say, I’m completely done with I’ve used Match before in the past and this was the last time I’ll ever sign up on their site again. Honestly, I don’t know if I want to continue on with this experiment. I was thinking about trying a different pay dating website like E-harmony or something. I’ll have to think about it. Otherwise, you’ll know when I post another victim.

One sad thing about all this--- this would have been the kind of story my dad would have gotten a real kick out of. I mean it was so bad that it was actually comical. The moment I walked out the door that night, I thought about telling my dad, and then I remembered that I don’t have that luxury anymore. My dad was always fascinated and shocked by my stories about the losers I came in contact with. It’s moments like these that I miss him terribly. In my head I can almost hear what he would have said on the phone and I can hear his laugh. I hope that never fades.

Class dismissed.

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